=== Logic Values ===

1. Unknown Value

There is the Unknown value. For simplicity, and this is the fault of this system, this Logic Value System is going to consider something that is totally unknown, as Unknown. If something is partially known, and partially unknown, it is consider as being known.

As well, if something is fully known, it is consider as known.

Knowing only the name and not knowing the meaning, does make it Unknown. So, you only know, when you know the meaning of the name (it may be a summary of the meaning of the name).

2. True Value

The True value is when something is fully, totally true. (I am defining true value with true, because the meaning of true is well understood, and needs little explanation).

If something is known to be partially true, it is not true (because it is not fully true).

3. False Value

The False value is when something is totally false.

Being False, is different than being not true. Although something that is not true can be False (not always).

Not True is different than False because there is more than two logical values. There are also intermediary values between True and False.

4. Mide Value

The Mide Value is when something is partially (or totally) true and is also partially (or totally) not true. I can be viewed as: in some circumstances, something regarded as Mide is true, and in other circumstances, this same thing regarded as Mide is not true.

Mide is (in) the partial True. Which means, it is true and it is not true.

5. Nide Value

The Nide Value is when something is neither true nor totally false.

As with all of the 5 Values described so far, it is an independent value. When something is known but is neither true nor totally false nor partially true, it is Nide.

The Nide Value is different than the Unknown Value, because the Nide Value is known, and, it doesn't fit in any of the above Values.


         ~       ~     ~   U   ~       ~          ~
            ~               ~               ~
  ~      /-----\   /-----------\   /-----\
       /         .               .         \  ~   ~
  ~  <     T   < M >     N     < N >   F     >
       \         .               .         /     ~
    ~    \-----/   \-----------/   \-----/
 ~          ~                 ~                ~
    ~            ~        ~              ~
 U-Unknown , T-True , F-False , M-Mide , N-Nide


This Value System has the goal of cristalizing the False and embracing a middle between true and false.